Alexey Topolyanskiy

Alexey Topolyanskiy

Web Designer & Developer

about me

Writing clean valid code and designing web applications is my passion. It's part of my everyday life, and I'm really enjoying it. I started programming in school and since then fall in love with software development.

After graduation, I decided to try myself in design and spent few years working in printing and advertising agencies. At some point, I finally get to what I'm doing now - combining design & programming skills to build user interfaces for the web.

I love trying new technologies, finding new ways of doing things in a simpler and clever way, learning new things.

Besides that, I also love playing & writing music, shooting photos and travelling.

I used to work with

Some of my works can be found here

Obviously, there is more to show, but I'm pretty much sure this is enough to get the idea. I do music & photo stuff as a hobby, and there are more people involved. This also NOT includes all work that I did for advertising agencies in terms of visual ads and souvenir products design.


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